WE BELIEVE THE DIGITAL AGE HAS COME FOR EVERYONEThe Digital Age is not exclusive to start-ups and highly innovative companies; it leverages technology and a fast methodology to improve all things.Analog business processes need to be transformed and replaced with #DigitalProcessesMaking this transformation happen as quickly as the market expects it requires #AgileDelivery
OUR INSPIRATIONWe aspire to bring about a paradigm shift in how business and technology units develop and deliver digital processes to generate better results for the organization; to do so, we draw inspiration from the 3 main pillars that underpin our work methodology.

AGILE Agility and Continuous Delivery

BPM An end-to-end vision and Customized Projects

DESIGN THINKING Empathy and Constant Experimentation

Agile, Agile Method, Agile, BPM and Design Thinking

Our method emphasizes delivery of value and is aligned with business objectives. It provides you with a minimum viable product from the very beginning, enabling you to reap results as simply as possible and monitor product evolution.

Minimal Viable Process, Minimum viable product, MVP, agile method, agile inception, agile delivery, agility, digital transformation

Learn quickly, implement with greater agility and at a lower cost

Lecom agile method, agile methodology, agile, digital transformation, agile BPM

Get savings in eliminating paper usage, printing, shipping and storage.

Our technological solution includes the integrated management of information, documents and processes, with digital security certified with transparency, generating a reduction in processing time.

“We used to work with 78 processes, which were then absorbed and reduced to 34 in just 3 months. By implementing Lecom BPM we were able to streamline processes, with a total of 67 deliveries in 4 months of work - an average of 16 deliveries / month.”

Aline Milani, People and Management at FAHZ (Fundação Zerrenner AMBEV)

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