Accelerate the digital transformation of your business

We want to change the paradigm through which business and technology units develop and deliver digital processes. Our approach to the solution focuses on rapid and constant experimentation to accelerate digital transformations in the business environment.

Our approach enables customers to reduce their continuous value delivery process from months to weeks.

Digital Transformation - Agile delivery of digital processes.

Agile delivery of digital processes. Our platform turns analog processes into true digital experiences. Exercise control with autonomy, productivity and intelligence.

Revolutionize the delivery of your processes with the Lecom platform

Autonomy Autonomy

In the development and agile delivery of digital processes

productivity Productivity

By eliminating rework, manual and unproductive activities and ensuring full integration with legacy systems

Intelligence Intelligence

In end-to-end operation monitoring to inform decision making


“The experience with Lecom BPM results in great productivity in our business processes. With autonomy and free access, we have developed complete flows maintaining the independence and technological dominance of our own development team”

Gilmar Ragonetti, IT Manager at Unimed Curitiba
Unimed Curitiba
Logo vencedor WfMC 2016 CASE WINNER IN THE WFMC AWARDS 2016

“We have seen many benefits so far. Our organization now views the adoption of BPM much more favorably. Many public servants acknowledge their own increased empowerment. In the past, they depended on other people and had to deal with red tape beyond their control; now they can take control over their requests. They can simplify routines and keep up with their workload, thus increasing productivity. All this contributes to better services provided to our citizens. ”

Fábio Ferraz, Municipal Secretary of Management (2012/2016) of the Santos City Hall
Prefeitura de Santos

“Automation and process management has changed the way Asics Brazil develops its activities and this has positively impacted the operational excellence provided to employees, suppliers and customers in general. Process management enables intelligence and continuous development in the way we do things, as well as cost savings, process execution time, traceability and information security”

Adriana Nunes, Sourcing Manager Brazil, of Asics.
Logo Asics

Some of our customers

  • BMW
  • Araymond
  • Unimed
  • Melitta
  • Marilan
  • i.CISMEP
  • Prefeitura de Santos
  • Prefeitura de Bauru
  • Penalty
  • TEKA
  • AmstedMaxion
  • HellermanTyton
  • ThyssenKrupp
  • Yusen Logistics
  • TRW
  • invepar
  • Day Brasil
  • Helibras
  • Timac Agro
  • iss

Our Backgroung

years in the market +20 years in the market
Customers +600 customers in different industries
Collaborators 7 offices across Brazil
Offices + de 200 Collaborators
authorized resellers 30 authorized resellers
projects implemented + 5 thousand projects implemented